Stainless Steel Bollards Fixed / Static / Removable

Rhino stainless steel static security bollards provide perimeter protection whilst also adding contemporary style and elegance to the surrounding landscape. Bollards are available in a number of modern styles, with each bollard available in a variety of length and diameter options.

Rhino stainless steel bollards are manufactured from a carefully selected grade of 316L stainless steel (1.4401). Exceptionally strong and requiring very little maintenance, they are ideal for a wide variety of applications including pedestrian walkways and areas of protected parking.

The use of grade 316L (1.4401) stainless steel offers a number of significant advantages:

Higher resistance to corrosion: Whilst stainless steel is corrosion resistant, the naturally forming chromium rich oxide film that protects it can be broken down over time by chlorine and chlorides. However, due to the increased levels of nickel in its alloy structure, grade 316L (1.4401) has a much higher resistance to corrosion.

Greater resistance to pitting and staining: In comparison with other grades of stainless steel, grade 316L (1.4401) is less susceptible to surface pitting.

Low Maintenance: As a result of its quality, grade 316L (1.4401) requires very little maintenance to retain its original appearance. This means that the material provides attractive ‘life cost’ benefits when compared to alternatives, such as carbon steels.

Recyclable: Stainless steel is 100% recyclable. Around 90% of stainless steel is made from recycled scrap. Due to this, stainless steel has much less of an impact on the environment and scarce resources, providing an all round “Green” material for architects to specify.

Rhino stainless steel static bollards are supplied with a satin polished finish with the exception of the RS 007, which is supplied with a bright polished finish and two etched bands.

Hazard Banding: For increased visibility and safety.

  • Rhino stainless steel bollards are available with an option of Class Ref 2 reflective hazard banding for increased visibility and safety.
  • Banding is available in a choice of three standard colour options; amber, red and white. Additional options are also available on request.

Stainless Steel Bezel
  • Stainless steel bezels are available in a brushed satin finish in standard diameters.
  • The bezel is ideal for applications where the bollards are installed into existing paving, ensuring that any gaps or cracking caused during installation are completely hidden from view.

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